The EPA1 recommends that homeowners with a well water as their water source test their water annually for contaminants*.

Test Results Available in 5-7 days Your local Culligan Man® is professionally trained and equipped to collect your water sample that will be sent to the Culligan® Analytical Laboratory.
certified laboratory testing The Culligan® Lab is certified by the State of Illinois EPA and is compliant with National Environment Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) standards. In addition to being in Illinois, we’re also certified by the states of California, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin.
professional service from Culligan Your New Home Water Analyis results will be available in 5 – 7 days. Based on the results, your local dealer can discuss the appropriate water treatment solution to ensure safe and healthy water for you and your family.

1 Environmental Protection Agency
* Contaminants may not be in your water and not all contaminants are tested.
A positive test for Arsenic will require an additional test (arsenic speciation) to determine Arsenic 3 and/or Arsenic 5  for determining equipment needs.